Andrea Bocelli and Love Celebration

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Based on his ballads and messages he is sending with his music, we can easily assume that Andrea Bocelli knows a thing or two about love. So many of us long for his musical accompaniment to our most tender moments in life, we listen to My Way and Time to Say Goodbye when our soul is shattered and when we are bursting with joy of life. But what does a man behind his music think about life and love, what can we learn from him on the eve of Valentine's Day? Andrea Bocelli always enjoys his Valentine's Day shows and gifts his fans with a show that fits the occasion like no other.

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According to the singer, we can never have too many chances to talk about our love and show thankfulness for the ones we love and for the life we have a chance to enjoy. I think it's safe to say that Andrea Bocelli doesn't have to look far and deep for songs that can be united by the theme of love to express his feelings about what's important to him. It might be surprising, but the singer is very down to earth and lives by simple principles of gratitude. He states that he takes no credit for his voice, which considers a gift from above, and thus is always thankful to the Lord for it and to his audiences for warm acceptance of his talent.

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Despite his statements, we can all understand how much hard work and discipline it does take to reach the fame like Andrea has and to keep the love of people for generations. The singer also humbly talks about the fact that he rarely feels full satisfaction with his performances. Millions of fans would disagree.

Despite his years spent on world stages, Andrea Bocelli admits that he still feels stage tension before his concerts, but manages it by taking time to prepare physically and emotionally to give all he has to every stage he steps on.


The singer doesn't have just one favorite song from his long list of works. According to him, some older creations will always stay in his heart, while new collaborations will keep him going. His most special new songs are Fall on Me, which he sings with his own son and Return to Love with singer Goulding. Andrea Bocelli speaks fondly of the opera characters that he brought to life. Some of his favorite composers include Verdi, Puccini, and Giordano - all Italians.

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According to Andrea Bocelli's humble statement, every stage is of equal importance, be it an emperor palace or a place of his friends. He puts just as much heart in his performance no matter where he goes. He mentions New York Metropolitan Opera stage as one of the most unforgettable places to sing in the world, among many famous landmarks in Egypt, France, Italy, and U.S.


The singer says that Miami is one of his favorite places to relax, enjoy sun and water, and give a concert to audiences that always offer him the warmest welcome. This might be why the city will see Andrea Bocelli perform his Valentine's Day concert there.

Andrea thinks that it is very important to have some principles in life and to follow them not only with words, but actions too. This could definitely be adopted by more public personas.

As a seasoned performer who's been on the stage since 1990's, Andrea Bocelli can give advice to young singers - talent is not everything. Yes, it's a gift from God, but in addition to that you have to put in the work, sacrifice many things, persevere, and with the help of your own will create your unique path to success and fame.

Andrea Bocelli is always moving forward and looking for new projects and new venues, both opera and pop. His newest work that excites him is June 20-21 performance at Roman Baths of Caracalla. In this place he sees history mix with art and remembers how it was the stage for the first concert of the Three Tenors - a totally new concept 30 years ago that helped open new doors and let in some fresh air when opera met popular culture.